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亚愽游戏app竞彩-绍普莱特赛奖金削减轮数增加 汤普森卫冕刘钰参赛
发布时间:2021-10-13 06:49:01

   On September 30, Beijing time, many things have changed during the new crown epidemic, such as the Soplet LPGA Classic that will be held this week.

在北京时间9月30日,新的王冠流行期间发生了许多变化,例如本周将举行的Soplet LPGA Classic。

  The event was held at the Bay Course of the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Due to the new crown epidemic, the professional/amateur match was cancelled, and the income was greatly reduced. The bonus was adjusted accordingly. The original value was 1.75 million US dollars but suddenly dropped to 1.3 million US dollars.


   On the other hand, due to the absence of professional/amateur matching matches, one day was left. The organizers decided to increase the competition from the original three rounds to four rounds. Of course, in doing so, there may also be considerations for increasing the broadcast fee.


   This is only the second time in the 32-year history of the event that 72 holes have been played. The last time dates back to 1990, when Christa Johnson won.

这是该赛事32年以来第二次打72洞。上一次可追溯到1990年,克里斯塔·约翰逊(Christa Johnson)获胜。

   On Monday, the players were tested for the new crown virus. A caddie found positive but had no symptoms. The player he served, Jaclyn Lee, as a close contact, had to retire and was isolated for 14 days.

在星期一,球员被测试了新的冠状病毒。一个球童发现阳性,但没有任何症状。他所服务的球员Jaclyn Lee保持密切联系,不得不退赛并被隔离14天。

   Later this week, the LPGA will conduct a comprehensive pre-match test for the new coronavirus.


Despite such changes in the tournament, the lineup is still good. After all, the players have been off for a week, and the next week's Grand Slam: The U.S. Women’s PGA Championship will be held at the Aaronni Mick Golf Club in Pennsylvania, and the two venues are just separated. One and a half hours’ drive.

尽管比赛发生了这样的变化,但阵容仍然不错。毕竟,球员们已经休假了一个星期,下周的大满贯:美国女子PGA锦标赛将在宾夕法尼亚州的Aaronni Mick高尔夫俱乐部举行,而这两个场地只是分开的。一个半小时的车程。

   Lexie Thompson, ranked tenth in the world, plans to defend the title. Last year, she won the 54-hole 20-foot eagle push. "There are a lot of great memories left here, especially winning here last year," she said, "I watched that putt again last night. I think of the audience cheering for me again and again, every time I put my hair up.

世界排名第十的列克西·汤普森(Lexie Thompson)计划捍卫冠军头衔。去年,她赢得了54洞20英尺的鹰击。她说:“这里留下了许多美好的回忆,尤其是去年在这里赢得冠军。我昨晚亚愽游戏app竞彩又看了一次推杆。我想起每当我梳头时观众就一次又一次为我加油。

"That must be one of the best memories of my career. When I hit the second shot, the ball bounced for 50 yards on the green, leaving behind such a putt. I hope to push in, and we all hope to do it. Arrived, but it was a somewhat difficult putt. I shook my fist after pushing in. Normally I don’t do that, but it’s necessary at that moment."


A total of 120 people participated. In addition to Lexie Thompson, the big-name players included the world's second Nellie Kodak, the world's fourth Brook Henderson, the world's fifth Li Minji, the world's sixth Park Sung-hyun, and the world's seventh Kim Se-hyun. The world's eighth Nasa Hataoka (Nasa Hataoka), the world's ninth Piao Renfei.

共有120人参加。除了Lexie Thompson之外,大牌玩家还包括世界第二的Nellie Kodak,世界第四的Brook Henderson,世界第五的Li Minji,世界第六的朴成-和世界第七的Kim Se-hyun。世界第八名美国宇佐波Hat(Nasa Hataoka),世界第九名飘人飞。

  Chinese player Liu Yu will also participate. "I have played this stadium for the third year. I played here last year and tied for fifth. I think it's pretty good," she said. "Generally, the tournament is held before and after the U.S. Women's Open, and the lineup is not particularly strong. But today is not bad, so I am looking forward to it."

中国选手刘宇也将参加。她说:“我已经在这个体育场打了三年比赛。我去年在这里打过比赛,并列第五名。我认为这非常不错。” “总的来说,比赛是在美国女子公开赛前后举行的,阵容并不是特别强劲。但是今天还不错,所以我很期待。”

   Liu Yu's only regret is that the condition of the stadium is not as good as in previous years. New Jersey is one of the more serious areas of the new crown epidemic. The stadium was closed and closed for a long time without maintenance. After the restart, the economy was tight and the stadium was laid off. Therefore, it can be understood that the stadium is not as good as in previous years.


"But we are very happy to have a game," Liu Yu said. "The game date has been adjusted from summer to autumn. To be honest, the season is good and the weather is relatively cool. The last two rounds of last year were very windy. At that time, it was It is more challenging, but this year it is estimated that the wind will not be that strong, and the greens are not particularly hard. Because of the recent rain, the fairways are also soft. The whole course is relatively soft, and I estimate that some low scores will be made.

刘羽说:“但是我们很高兴有一个游戏。” “比赛日期已从夏季调整到秋季。老实说,这个季节好,天气也相对凉爽。去年的最后两轮风很大。那时候,比赛难度更大,但是今年估计风不会那么强,果岭也不是特别硬,由于最近的降雨,球道也很软,整个过程都比较软,我估计会有一些低分制作。

   "Actually, I don't think the court is simple, but with the wind that last year, I still hit -12 in three rounds. LPGA players are very good, so they can always shoot some low scores.


"This stadium is the work of the same designer as the next week’s stadium. I think it’s a good preparation for next week’s Grand Slam. The long shot has been adjusted recently, and I hope I can play well this week. The key is still Putting, I hope it can be a little bit stronger."


  The Bay Course was designed by the famous designer Donald Rose, who also designed Aaron Nimick. In the second round of 2018, Kim Se-young set an 18-hole record: 61 (10 under par), and Sakura Yokomine tied this number in the third round of the same year.

海湾球场是由著名设计师唐纳德·罗斯(Donald Rose)设计的,他还设计了亚伦·尼克(Aaron Nimick)。在2018年的第二轮比赛中,金世英创造了18个洞的记录:61(低于标准杆10),而樱花横峰在同年的第三轮中追平了这个数字。

Lin Xiyu, he Muni and Yan Jing from mainland China and Chen Zhicheng from Hong Kong will also take part in the competition.

来自中国大陆的林喜宇,他的Muni和Yan Jing以及来自香港的Chen Zhicheng也将参加比赛。



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